Puntervoll group

(Puntervoll also has an experimental research group at the Department of Molecular Biology - see Puntervoll and ETECvac)

The main activity of the group is the project "eSysbio - an e-science environment for systems biology". The aim of the eSysbio project is to build a collaborative virtual workspace that will facilitate the interdisciplinary exploitation of data, tools and computational resources relevant for integrative and systems biology research.

The eSysbio project is funded through the eVita programme, the Research Council of Norway.

The project is a collaboration between researchers at Parallab and the Computational Biology Unit (CBU) within Bergen Center for Computational Science (BCCS).

Recent publications


Pål Puntervoll

group leader (CBU)


tel: +47 555 84078

  • Dr. scient. from University of Bergen, 2001
  • Post-doctoral work at Department of Molecular Biology, Uiniversity of Bergen 2001-2003
  • At CBU since 2003
  • Associate professor II at Department of Molecular Biology, University of Bergen since 2006

Group members:

  • Sattanathan Subramanian (PostDoc)
  • Siv Midtun Hollup (PostDoc, Department of Informatics)
  • Anne-Kristin Stavrum (PhD student, Department of Informatics)

Other eSysbio group members:

  • Francisco Roque (PostDoc)
  • Matus Kalas (PhD student, Department of Informatics)
  • Pawel Sztromwasser (PhD student, Department of Informatics)
  • Håkon Sagehaug (Programmer, Parallab)
  • Prabakar Venkataraman (Programmer, Parallab)