About CLU

The Computational Language Unit (CLU) is a research and development center for language-related technology. It has its origins in NAVFs edb-senter for humanistisk forskning, founded in 1973, with its successors HIT-centre, AKSIS, and Uni Digital.

The main focus of the group is the development of competitive tools and infrastructure for language corpora and treebanks, for grammar development and for large-scale text processing and mining. Applications of text processing and mining include information extraction and corpus-based methodologies for social science and humanistic research. In addition, we develop online dictionaries and solutions for critical text editions.

We have a close co-operation with the University of Bergen, especially the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Other co-operating partners and employers are The Norwegian Research Council, The Norwegian Language Council, the National Library and several state departments. CLU is an active partner in local, national and Europe-wide initiatives like LaMoRe http://www.uib.no/fg/lamore, Språkbanken http://www.nb.no/spraakbanken, CLARIN http://www.clarin.eu, META-NET http://www.meta-net.eu and others.

Starting in January 2012, CLU is collaborating with the University of Bergen on the Networks of Texts and People project, funded for 3.5 years by the NFR's VERDIKT programme. This project is developing methods and tools to detect, analyze and visualize the distribution, flow and development of knowledge and opinions across online social networks. For more information, please see - http://www.ntap.no