About the Environmental Flow Group (EFG)

The activities in fluid dynamics at Uni Computing started in 2003. The group was then called CMU, the Computational Math Unit, recently merged with the Uni Wind Group in 2011. The main research focus of the group is modelling and understanding fluid flow processes from laboratory scale (mm) to hundreds of meters.

EFG aims to have a leading role in small scale modelling and complement the research performed in other national and international research organisations, and this has resulted in a strong network of global collaborators. Locally EFG collaborates close with the Department of Mathematics, the University of Bergen, other departments within Uni Research like Uni Environment and the Bjerknes centre for climate research.

EFG carry out research for industry, governmental institutions, and national and international research councils, alone, together with our collaborators, and/or together with other departments at Uni Research.

Examples of research performed at EFG are

The North Atlantic Ormen Lange topography
The north Atlantic and the topography around the Ormen Lange gas field